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Michaël Rebotier - Landscape Architect

His Process

Villa Entrance - Michael Rebotier | Landscape Architect  | Architecte Paysagiste
Michael Rebotier - MR Paysage Logo


Studying the soil involves considering its composition, texture, and richness. A lasting garden will flourish if the groundwork is professionally prepared by someone like Michaël REBOTIER, who is adept at ecological and natural fertilization and amendment techniques. Prioritizing healthy soil leads to robust plants less susceptible to diseases and pests.


A contemporary challenge for every garden: water-related issues. To address this, the use of certain local species is combined with exploiting forms, textures, colors, and foliage heights to create aesthetically pleasing and naturally sustainable landscapes.


Since 2009, Michaël REBOTIER, a passionate landscape architect, sculpts outdoor spaces by playing with the terrain's movements and utilizing natural shrub forms. His expertise in landscaping and architectural techniques goes beyond mere conception. From creating Mediterranean gardens to contemporary landscapes, his creations reflect an undeniable passion and artistic expertise, imprinting each project with his distinctive touch.

Villa Garden - Michael Rebotier | Landscape Architect  | Architecte Paysagiste
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